The world of wine is constantly changing. From exciting new breakthroughs in technology to critical issues in sustainability, it is essential that your winery and vineyard remain aware of the trends, challenges and opportunities that are shaping our industry today.

The educational conference sessions featured at WIN Expo 2015 will highlight changes that have a direct impact on your success in the coming year. Ideas, information and predictions will be presented by some of the most experienced and respected members of the wine and grape community. Our sessions cover the latest developments in viticulture, finance, production and sales so that you are prepared to excel in 2016 and beyond.

Session Breakdown

State of the North Coast Wine Industry: Presented by SSU Wine Business Institute

  • Moderator: Dr. Damien Wilson
  • Speakers: Speaker List Coming Soon
  • Time: 9:15am - 10:45am
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Conservation, the New Innovation: Exploring Water Saving Technologies While Improving Wine Quality

  • Moderator: Nick Goldschmidt
  • Speakers: Mark Theis, Cara Morrison, Nicole Oblad
  • Time: 11:15am - 12:30pm
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Market Conditions for the North Coast Winegrape Industry: What Wineries and Growers Can Expect in 2016

  • Moderator: Glenn Proctor
  • Speakers: Bill Pauli, Cameron Lyeth, Scott Warren
  • Time: 1:00pm - 2:15pm
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  • Moderator: Paul Mabray
  • Speakers: Jessica Williams, Chuck Hemann, Michael Brito
  • Time: 2:45pm - 4:00pm
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